We offer a wide range of projects, machines and specialized services in the industry.

FINOVA, was born with the aim of offering a wide range of specialized projects, machines and services, mainly for the meat industry. Our team, together with close collaboration with our clients, has consolidated a great experience in the development of new products and improvement of existing ones, both in design and hygiene, by optimizing production processes, allowing us to specifically cover the needs of each client, offering a quality product at a reasonable price.

Nuestro compromiso

Our commitment

The correct production of processed meat, allows us to offer the final consumer a product of the highest quality and food safety, enhance its organoleptic properties (taste, color, odor and texture) as well as improve its presentation by making it more attractive to the final consumer.
Boosting food, through the application of technology of our machines, is our business as manufacturers of machinery for meat processing. We develop complete projects, machinery lines and accessories, helping our clients to support growth, innovation and permanent success. We are pioneers in technology, efficiency and reliability and we try to save on materials and natural resources.



Our international network of distributors, representatives and technical service reinforces our proximity to the client and allows us to offer technical service with quality.
Our technical service and spare-parts department is in charge of caring for and solving those incidents that may arise in the sub-administered equipment.



Our mission is to always offer customers the most optimal and effective complete solution. For this, we make the most diverse technologies available and continually develop our range of machinery by adapting it to the specific needs of our customers.