Fresh meat portioning line Mod. P-LINE-130

The minced meat portioning line allows the production of minced products with a high quality. The mincing machine is directly connected to the exit of the stuffer, the production flow is constant and the product does not crowd into the drilling disc, thus avoiding heating problems thanks to the innovative cutting system. In combination with the stuffer, the portioning machine is ideal for filling standard commercial trays with minced meat, being able to portion accurately.



The nerves and hard parts of the product to be minced, are eliminated by an automatic nerve separator.

The line simplifies the production process, increases product quality and saves costs.

Progressive speed regulation.

Minced elements, plates and blades are standard parts.

Triple and quintuple cut variants.

Option to obtain different weights and different lengths.

The control for the cutting of the portions is done by the panel of the stuffer placing an exact weight.

Optimal system synchronization.

High precision in terms of length and weight of the portion.

Simultaneous stuffed and minced.

Robust construction and made of AISI-304 stainless steel.

Machine built in accordance with the European Directive 2006/42 / CE.


Technical data:

Mincer diameter: 130 mm

Maximum production: 600 kg / h

Maximum portioning speed: 90 portions / min

Portion section: 180x70mm

Transmission motor power 0.25 kw

Compressed air consumption: 40 liters / min (max).

Compressed air inlet 5 bar

Maximum width size of the paper coil: 180mm

Dimensions (LxAxH) 1910x1030x1120mm

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