Draining Tumbler Mod. BE-4000E

For the draining of the meat pieces coming from the injector, recovering the excess of brine. The massage that is produced is very light and aims to eliminate the excess of brine and consequently, the excessive shine of the meat and to facilitate the closure of the holes produced by the needles before packaging.


• Characteristics:

Adjustable draining time (by varying the rotation speed of the drum and the inclination of the set).

Drum with laser perforated sheet metal.

Spray pump for disinfectant application at the product input.

Set of height adjustable input and output hoppers.

Transmission by moto-reducer through a crown and chain of traction.

Adjustable turning speed through variable frequency drive.

Brine collection tank with level probes and brine pump with automatic function.

Height of the front feet adjustable in height, with screw system and manual fixing.

Folding side protections for easy cleaning and handling.

Built in AISI-304 stainless steel and FDA technical plastics.

Push-button control panel integrated into the chassis of the machine.


* Note: The characteristics of the machine such as the height of the product input, output, mouth diameter, turning speed, etc. are configurable to the specific needs of the client.

Technical data

  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 4100x1330x1700mm
  • Electric power 2kW
  • Mouth diameter 640mm
  • Load center height 1210mm
  • Variable turn speed 2 to 10 rpm

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