Cutter Mod. Cut-200

Prepared for the elaboration of a great variety of products; coarsely minced, liver paté, thin pastes and emulsions from chilled or frozen meats. Furthermore, it allows ingredients to be incorporated without interrupting the work cycle and to process other foods such as dairy products, fruit and fish.


• Characteristics:

Cutting head for a maximum of 8 blades (include 6 blades).

Dynamic blade balancing and regulation system.

Trough motors and independent blades.

2 blade speeds can be combined with 2 trough speeds.

Electric emergency brake and soundproof cover (according to CE regulations).

Opening mechanism of the hydraulic lid and unload.

Manual opening knife cover.

Trough drain plug for cleaning.

Stainless steel electrical cabinet with IP65 protection.

Made of AISI-304L stainless steel.

Push-button control panel.

Includes tools for sharpening and balancing the blades.


• Optional (Not included):

Electronic lap counter and thermometer.

Assembly of 8 blades. 

Hydraulic loader fo cutter trolleys for 200L.

Technical data

  • Capacity 200L / 140kg max.
  • Total electric power 45.5kW
  • Trough motor 1.3/2.5kW
  • Blade motor 30/40kW
  • Discharge motor 3kW
  • Blades motor speed 1500-3000rpm
  • Trough motor speed 8-16rpm
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 3120x1630x2475mm
  • Weight 2800kg

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