Steam cooking ovens

For steam cooking and cooling of all types of meat products and others. The exclusive system of distribution and recirculation of air flow inside the oven, formed by a set of strategically located nozzles and turbines of great flow, allow an optimal cooking, uniformity of color, flavor and texture in the product. Its thermal insulation composed of ceramic fiber panels, reduce heat losses, increasing energy efficiency. 



Front door with double panel.

Mobile air distributors for each trolley.

High efficiency turbine.

Pneumatically operated valves for the control and regulation of steam and water.

Washing and rinsing circuit, with detergent dosing pump.

Shower set for water cooling cycle.

Sensors of chamber temperature, product and humidity.

Specific program for thermal process "Delta-T".

Sterilization program "F0".

Control panel with programmable microprocessor and touch panel.

Memory for 99 cooking programs with 20 orders per program.

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