Full Prcess Tumbler Mod. MACDAL-10.000 PLUS+

The MACDAL PLUS + series complete process tumblers have been designed with the aim of integrating the defrosting, maceration, massage, marinade and also heating processes in one machine. It allows to eliminate the weight loss of the product during defrosting by improving the quality of the meat, and so, a significant decrease in manufacturing costs is obtained and by reducing the unproductive times of loading and unloading of the product.


• Characteristics:

Tank with variable inclination activated by hydraulic group.

Set of wedge-shaped trapezoidal shovels with refrigeration.

Gauge system for integrated weight control.

Closing and opening of the main mouth by automatic mechanism.

Internal temperature monitoring during the process.

Air extraction head inside the tumbler.

Double filtration system in the vacuum pump.

Compact integrated cooling equipment (can be installed outside the room if desired).

Built in AISI-304 stainless steel and FDA technical plastics.

Control panel with touch screen and programmable automaton.

Adjustment of the parameters from the control screen (speed, inclination, temperature, cycles, recipes per product, etc.).


• Includes:

Block loading system by a plastic belt conveyor with separators.

Technical data

  • Capacity 10.000L
  • Frozen payload 4.000kg max.
  • Payload 6.500kg max.
  • Overall dimensions (LxWxH) 7150x2300x2730mm
  • Mouth diameter 900mm
  • Load center height 2040mm
  • Variable turn speed from 3 to 12rpm max
  • Pump flow 250m3/h
  • Electric power 20kW
  • Weight 6.400kg
  • Temperature range in tank 0 to 35ºC

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